Happy 2020

We are welcoming 2020 Today, I hope for all of you a

Happy New Year okay but we know all that Happiness is not always present with us, we can today be happy and tomorrow no, but the most important thing is the courage that we can have when life do not good with us, we have to accept ourselves when we lose more than when we get success, and we have to start again, this is Happiness, we never give up, we have not to overthink …….Let’s do it, Let’s live our time positively with discovering and trying some new experiences, We start our 2020 Challenge now …

We select our goals and that can help us to make a program for each second of our life because the second is part of life and this is the most expensive thing that we have, so let’s live each second really, Let’s feel ourselves firstly let’s feel the others really because we are present and also others are present in our lifetime …this can be the principal target that we have to achieve and we have to work for it, without talking about a lot of details because that can be different for all of us, you have just to understand what you want and what makes you happy so believe it, feel it and start to do the necessary to make it happen…

For me, I set my goal for this year; discovering the world and the people who make this world so I think that if we spend one year Traveling the value of this year will be double… let’s do it and let’s Travel Together …

Turkey one of the fascinating countries I’ve ever seen. it has a fascinating culture interesting lifestyle and delicious food.  To start, let me tell you about the fascinating Istanbul, the largest city of Turkey; it is a historical place. Aya Sofia, the oldest cathedral that became a mosque, then a museum. Blue mosque; honestly, I was amazed by its beautiful art and design, it is always crowded by tourists; besides, Topkapi, Galata tower. Etc. Istanbul is full of old and modern shops with affordable prices such as “Grand Bazar, Taksim, Istiklal”. Furthermore, while exploring the picturesque Cappadocia, a magical landscape and its mysterious fairy chimneys. Cappadocia is a fascinating landscape sculptured to form mountains, valleys and pinnacles. The beautiful Göreme the national park, the open-air museum, it covers the region between the cities Nevsehir, Ürgüp, Avanos, Karlik..etc. In Cappadocia, there are caves everywhere, some are inhabited and others are turned into hotels; that what makes it one of the leading example of the Byzantine period. It should be mentioned that Cappadocia is the cheapest location in the world to experience hot air balloons. There are also underground cities created many years ago, such as  “Derinkuyu”.

Furthermore, I went to Pamukkale, one of the stunning beauty on the surface. It is a  remarkable “cotton castle” that made my holidays enjoyable. It has a white, cottony appearance. The mineral bath that abounds the province. In Pamukkale, there is a Cleopatra thermal pool, it is a magical place for relaxation and it is a symbol of the roman empire. I also have seen the Hierapolis ruins; it is said that roman presented the city as a gift to the king of Pergamon. Pamukkale is a symbol of great history, stunning beauty and peaceful vocation. People; in Turkey, are very welcoming, hospitable, and helpful. They like their culture and history and they are always proud of it. Besides, Turkey has many different delicious and healthy dishes, but my favourite one is Iskander kebab that I ate in Bursa. I also recommend tourists to be familiar with transport systems and applications to make the movements easy and enjoyable.

Turkey is a combination between the old and modern life, it is a historical place, literally history everywhere, in every city. It is the right destination to make vocation adventurous, exceptional and unforgettable . as Bonaparte said ” if the whole world was one country, Istanbul would be its capital ” let me say “Turkey would be its capital.

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